At Work

Do you need to present what you and your company do on social media or in a printed company profile?

David Beecroft Photography creates portraits of individual artists, groups and ensembles that show the heart and soul of performances and performers. Imagine your company or working group depicted with the same insightful and loving eye. David Beecroft Photography brings out the heart and soul of your company or working group through the artistic depiction of its unique individuals and their engagement in the processes at work within your company.

David Beecroft Photography was recently invited to Savannah, Georgia to work together with Jody Espina, president of JodyJazz Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpieces to create photographic material depicting his company operation, employees, and the special care that goes into the manufacture and hand finishing of the best saxophone mouthpieces made today.

Jody is also an avid and active saxophonist and has used David’s photos of his European jazz performances as a part of the companies advertising and social media materials.

For more information about how David Beecroft Photography can help you present your company, employees and processes to the world with a loving and insightful eye please contact David at: mail(at)