Donna Brown – Gospel & Jazz Performance

It has been my pleasure to work together with Donna Brown and her various ensembles over the last several years. This has afforded me the opportunity to  photographically  document a cultural phenomenon seldom experienced in Europe.  Her various ensembles and their performances continue to be deeply authentic and soulful events – both musically and visually.  

From the website:
Donna Brown and her Golden Gospel Pearls first appeared in Germany in 1992. It was immediately clear to music insiders this was a big step in bringing the Harlem Gospel scene to Germany. The Golden Gospel Pearls were seen as the singers who would be able to introduce a wider audience to this unique, spiritual Afro-American music. For 20 years, Donna and her singers have formed a reputation as the professional representation of Gospel in Germany. Having toured Germany and Europe in more then 2000 concerts.