Portrait week in January, 2017

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David Beecroft Photography
Next Portrait Week: January 9 – 15, 2017!

“Portrait Week” is a span of 7 days during which I offer a reduced fee for portrait & performance photos: 25% OFF!
Show the world who you are and what you do!

1,5 hour session – with up to 6 finished portraits @ 120,- Euro (price outside of Portrait Week 160,- )
3 hour session – with up to 15 finished portraits – or – your live performance with up to 30 finished photos @ 210,- Euro (price outside of Portrait Week 260,- )
January 9th to 15th 2017 and co-create (fun guaranteed) your series of unique, high quality custom portraits in a studio or location setting! Call or write for an appointment.

E-mail: mail@beecroft.de
Tel: 0173 76 22 33 5
Prices not including 7% MwSt

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It was lovely to work with David. I don’t normally enjoy having photos taken of myself – However with David, I felt instantly at ease – and actually enjoyed the photo session! The photos he took are great and they have been used for my new quartet CD.
– Julie Sassoon

David is wonderful and patient photographer, willing and ready to try any ideas offered by his subject, full of interesting ideas himself, and also ready to capture spontaneous and interesting shots in the moment. We have worked together in the past and most recently for my last two photo shoots (both solo and with my band), and I could not be happier with the results! Colours, vibe and imagery all turned out absolutely beautifully to create intense and powerful photos full of life and energy.
– Peter van Huffle

This winter’s featured artists are Julie Sassoon and Peter van Huffle. Both are prolific composers and dedicated performers of original music. It has been a pleasure to assist them in their music projects.

Julie Sassoon QuartetFourtune on jazzwerkstatt
Julie Sassoon, deren Spiel gerne mit Keith Jarretts legendärem Köln Concert verglichen wird, oszilliert zwischen Komposition und Improvisation: aus fein gewirkten, facettenreichen Klangclustern von hohem assoziativ imaginativem Ausdruck, gebunden und offen zugleich, entsteht eine flirrend schwebende Musik, die sowohl meditative Ruhe als auch nervöse Unruhe zu vermitteln vermag. Fragile Zartheit kontrastiert mit kraftvollem Ausdruck.
More at: Fourtune on jazzwerkstatt


Peter van HuffelGorilla Mask
“Relentless and fearsome, Berlin’s Gorilla Mask is all about energy all of the time. Canadian ex-pat and saxophonist extraordinaire Peter van Huffel, drummer Rudi Fischerlehner and bassist Roland Fidezius all have free jazz, punk and metal in their DNA, but the evolutionary process has taken these silverbacks far, far beyond their genetic coding. Their stuff moves fast – the ebb and flow of an acutely aware trio of musicians who know what they want and know how to get it. Hi-jinks nonstop. As soon as they’ve set your feet on fire, they’re pulling the rug out from under you. Yet, there’s a precision to the madness, a sense of purpose – the product of a constantly active, acutely intelligent hive-mind of three virtuosos.
More at: Gorilla Mask