The best photographers have all had their callings, their areas of expertise. My calling has been to depict the creative and inspired, to capture their temperament and/or the excitement and depth of creations and performances. I think it is important to the success of an undertaking that there be an unambiguous fit between the photographer’s calling and the client’s expectations/requirements. When you hire David Beecroft Photography you are engaging the services of a highly motivated, creative, (and not to mention charming), person who provides you with an abundance of inspired options. My finished work is typically warmhearted and emotive. A photo is more than a frozen moment in time, it is a chance to embody the magic and excitement of the moment, performance or event. It is a conduit for emotion and connection. Photographs can bring emotional continuity, connect one to the spirit of important events and happenings.

“I hear music when I gaze into the captured beauty of David’s photos.  Satisfaction is inevitable every time I work with him.  David Beecroft Photography is one of the BEST!  His photos are more than mere visuals but an EXPERIENCE that moves you.” – Dorrey L. Lyles