If one were to grossly divide photographers into two general types, then one type would be the photographer who (flamboyantly) stages a photo and those in it to achieve a pre determined result. The other type would be the photographer who finds and depicts the truth and beauty of the moment, while being “invisible”, his/her presence barely noticeable. David’s personality and specialty in photographing performing artists would fit very neatly into the second category.

Being naturally unobtrusive allows David to photograph people while they are deeply involved in their work or performance without disrupting their concentration. A life of stage and performance experience has taught him to be at home in busy, intense and fast moving professional environments without getting in the way of either performers or spectators.

Jazzy_Berlin-0112As a professional saxophonist, David has performed with members of the Berlin Philharmonic, Scharoun Ensemble, Deutsche Oper, various film music and theater orchestras as well as countless jazz ensembles. His experience as an actively performing musician is invaluable to his profession as photographer. This stage experience is immediately sensed by the other artists around him, creating an atmosphere of fellowship and relaxed ease in the working environment.

Having moved to Berlin as a professional jazz saxophonist in 1995, David was soon well connected to the Berlin jazz scene. Through this special connection to music his photography at first concentrated upon the musicians in the scene. In the following years, a much wider clientele of musicians and artists of various genres – classical orchestras and conductors, cross over and varieté productions, theater and dance companies – discovered his unique photographic perspective. Also other businesses, magazines and Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) found their way into his cameras. He has since photographed in many cities in both Europe and Asia.

“I hear music when I gaze into the captured beauty of David’s photos.  Satisfaction is inevitable every time I work with him.  David Beecroft Photography is one of the BEST!  His photos are more than mere visuals but an EXPERIENCE that moves you.” – Dorrey L. Lyles