Most photographers have their callings. I think it is important to the success of an undertaking that there is a good fit between the photographer’s calling and the client’s expectations/requirements. When you hire David Beecroft Photography you are engaging the services of a highly motivated, creative, (and not to mention charming), person who provides you with many creative options. The finished work is typically warmhearted and emotive. My calling has been to support and depict artistic performers, whether they be musicians, dancers or actors. In recent years I have also seen that this is a winning combination as applied to my event and commercial work.

“I hear music when I gaze into the captured beauty of David’s photos.  Satisfaction is inevitable every time I work with him.  David Beecroft Photography is one of the BEST!  His photos are more than mere visuals but an EXPERIENCE that moves you.” – Dorrey L. Lyles