Basic Pricing

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs
David Beecroft
Rostocker Str. 36
10553 Berlin, Germany
tel: (+49) (0)173 76 22 33 5
tel:  (+49) (030) 216 9806
mail AT beecroft DOT de
The following information is provided to give you a “ball park” figure as you go shopping for a photographer.

For musical, dance and theatrical on location performance photography one can expect to pay 300,- Euros per performance. Photo finishing, artistic treatment, colour correction and basic artefact removal is included.

Portraits in studio can be calculated at 160,- per hour (including finishing and basic retouching). This price includes licensing fees for social media, internet web pages and print media.

I also have fixed rates for studio portrait sessions – short session, up to 1.5 hours including 6 finished photos and longer sessions up to 2.5 hours including up to 15 finished photos.

Larger ensemble photo shoots involving studio rental – an additional 100,- Euros

I also offer 2 camera video + pro sound (mastered and synced to video) for more professional YouTube music videos. Editing is extra.

Generally, the licensing of photographic work – the fee for using the photos publicly over time – is dependent upon where the work will be used and in some circumstances upon how many impressions of the work are to be produced. This fee is negotiable.

(Please note that 7% MwSt is added to the above pricing)
Licensing fee does not include the right to sell prints as works of art, i.e. gallery prints