Portrait Week coming in the 3rd week of June

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Mailer for Portrait Week

I am writing you about a special offer, it’s for those of you who need to present an image of yourself that is more than a photograph, an image that manifests depth and character, a likeness that provokes an emotional response. It is high time for another Portrait Week and the next one is happening in the 3rd week of June, between 11th to the 17th, 2018
Portrait Week is a span of 7 days where I offer a reduced fee for studio portraits, head shots and small groups.

1-1/2 hour portrait session
with up to 6 finished portraits @ 120,-
save 40 Euros

2-1/2 hour portrait session
with up to 15 finished portraits @ 220,-
save 40 Euros

Make your appointment now for a portrait session and co-create (fun guaranteed) your series of unique, high quality custom portraits in a studio setting!

E-mail: mail@beecroft.de
Tel: 0173 76 22 33 5
(Prices not including 7% MwSt)

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This section usually showcases my clients and their cool projects. This time I have decided to hijack the spot and feature my own project.

Berlin, my (virtual) gallery is is a series of over 30 assembled images that ask the question “What if the whole of Berlin were to be an outdoor gallery?”

Berlin, my (virtual) gallery explores this idea by combining a Berlin location and a Berlin musician that lets us view a scene of Berlin that is bursting with creative musical talent.