David’s first love is Jazz. He has been playing saxophone professionally for over 40 years. Although his original motivation to photograph came from living in a grey, post cold war Berlin, the camera found its way into his instrument case. Jam sessions and the musicians who congregate and play are a big inspiration. Being a musician and a natural creature of the music stage David’s presence is accepted and very often not even remarked by the musicians. On his free nights, you are very likely to find him both playing and photographing at the late night sessions of various local venues. His photography is renowned and much appreciated in the Berlin jazz scene. Both the  B-Flat jazz club in Berlin Mitte and the Hat Bar in Berlin Charlottenburg host continuous exhibitions of his jazz photography.

David brings his musical experience and sensitivity into the portrait studio where his gentle, kind and intuitive way encourages musicians to be at ease and express their ideas to capture images that represent their aesthetic sense for their projects and of themselves.

David’s work is being used to present artists in both the jazz and the pop worlds. David works with international and local musicians, music labels and production companies to produce compelling imagery.

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