Migrant Artists

“Migrant Artists” is a collection of stories and portraits about leaving a country, another culture, language & home, arriving & living in Berlin. I am searching out, interviewing and photographing artists who have “migrated” to and now make Berlin and Germany their home. Basically it involves doing a one hour interview and a short portrait session in a location that is important to you. In exchange for this you will have your choice of portrait to use as you like.

Presently I am interested to interview fine artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers, poets…
To get involved or find out more about this project, write to me at mail@beecroft.de
Please submit a few details of your life as an artist in Berlin and an easy way to contact you.
Thank you!
David Beecroft

Kat Baloun – blues harmonica and singer:

Bob Rutman – painter, sculptor & instrument builder:


Hattie St. John – jazz & folk singer:


Ebylee Davis – blues singer:

Lito Tabora – pianist & guitarist:


Zam Johnson – painter & musician:


Rob Hoare – lyricist, composer, writer & musician:


Philip Lewis Henderson – painter, cartoonist, musician, composer:


Gisèle Nubuhoro – painter:

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Interviews to come…