Humanitarian Photography

Mr Beecroft is presently working together with a number of schools to help promote their exchange programs. Having traveled a number of times with teachers to Assam, India he has created a body of visual materials supporting study programs for both Indian and German children, a charity program to allow more blind children attend school and a traveling exhibition of his photographic work depicting aspects of the German India Partnership Program (GIPPeV)

Additional projects developed in partnership with PEPP-Berlin include:

  • Global Local Pictures – Medienkompetenz in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit – Photo course and participatory photography
  • Resilience – interviews and portraits of community leaders and religious figures in village society – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea & Brasil
  • Various campaigns supported by Missio including AIDS & Kinder – Plakatwandaktion & Aktion Schutzengel